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Posted by Viriyalila

Spiritual Receptivity: From a Retreat

October 25th, 2014

Free Buddhist AudioVessantara leads us on a journey to discover “Spiritual Receptivity” for this week’s FBA Podcast. This is the first in a thoroughly engaging set of talks and led meditations. From beginning to end, we get to experience the full flavor of the retreat that these segments were recorded from, held at Adhisthana in 2014. Vessantara deftly weaves Spiritual Receptivity together with the greater mandala of the Triratna System of Practice, bringing in aspects of each of the stages of the system and helping to put receptivity in the context of the spiritual life as a whole.

Talks given at Adhisthana, February 2014

Posted by Viriyalila

Living Collectively: Sangha as Teacher

October 23rd, 2014

Free Buddhist Audio In today’sFBA Dharmabyte, “Living Collectively: Sangha as Teacher,”Saddhanandi shares some wisdom from Jack Kornfield on spiritual community and living collectively. She then describes having confidence in the Order and developing Sangha as the authentic teacher. From the talk “Spiritual Transmission and Lineage” a detailed, intimate and heartfelt talk looking at the relationship between a Dharma follower and her/his teacher.

Posted by Viriyalila

Prajna as Aesthetic Appreciation

October 20th, 2014

Free Buddhist Audio In today’sFBA Dharmabyte, “Prajna as Aesthetic Appreciation,” Padmavajra offers a little insight into seeing not-self. From the fourth talk in his wonderful series on the Dhammapada, the most popular of early Buddhist texts.

Posted by Viriyalila

Great Faith, Great Wisdom

October 18th, 2014

Free Buddhist AudioThis week’s FBA Podcast, “Great Faith, Great Wisdom,” by Ratnaguna, is from the 2014 Men’s Order Convention.

Posted by Viriyalila

Speaking About the Goal

October 16th, 2014

Free Buddhist Audio In today’sFBA Dharmabyte we hear from Ratnaghosha from the Men’s Combined Convention in “Speaking About the Goal.” Words and descriptions cannot fully encapsulate transcendental experience. Inspired by verses from Milarepa’s final exhortation from “The Shepherd’s Search for Mind”, which provides a complete path, effortlessly combining devotion and meditation:

Without arrival, he reaches the place of Buddha;
Without seeing, he visions the dharmakaya;
Without effort, he does all things naturally.

This is an excerpt from the sixth talk given on the European Triratna Men’s Convention at Adhisthana on 19 August 2014, entitled “The Goal.”