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Posted by Viriyalila

Ordination Will Change Your Life

April 24th, 2014

Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Dharmabyte is a personal account from Padmavajra, one of the main teachers at Padmaloka Retreat Centre for men. In “Ordination Will Change Your Life” he evokes the Three Jewels as the great love of a life centred on the heart’s concerns. The full talk entitled, “First Love” was given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2005

Posted by Viriyalila

Why Ordination, Why An Order

April 21st, 2014

Free Buddhist AudioIn today’s FBA Dharmabyte, we hear “Why Ordination, Why An Order” is from a talk given on a weekend retreat for women mitras at Tiratanaloka. In this excerpt, Maitreyi shares her personal journey of requesting ordination in the Triratna Buddhist Order. From the full talk: “Why Ordination, Why An Order”.

Posted by Viriyalila

How the Buddha Taught Mindfulness

April 19th, 2014

Free Buddhist AudioIn this week’s FBA Podcast, “How the Buddha Taught Mindfulness,” Ratnpaprabha explains this practice and understanding of the Sutta of ‘Being mindful of the in- and out-breaths’ (Anapanasati). He talks about how mindfulness connects with body-awareness, how t takes you into rapture and happiness, and thus into ‘sensitivity to the whole mind. He also explores how one calms and focuses the mind in mindfulness meditation, and how this can lead to ‘gladdening’, ‘concentrating’ and ‘liberating’, and finally to full Insight.

Posted by Viriyalila

What is Mindfulness Practice?

April 17th, 2014

Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Dharmabyte is from Vishvapani entitled:“What is Mindfulness Practice?” As interest in mindfulness grows in across society, Vishvapani looks at the path beyond an eight-week course and asks, what is the real significance of mindfulness practice? He identifies the key elements that are present from the very start of mindfulness practice and describes how the same elements work at many levels and can become a path to liberation.

This is an excerpt from the full talk “Mindfulness and Liberation” given at Cardiff Buddhist Centre, May 2013

Posted by Viriyalila

Body & Mind

April 14th, 2014

Free Buddhist AudioToday’s FBA Dharmabyte titled “Body & Mind” is an excerpt from Foundations of Mindfulness by Kamalashila. In this section he suggests focusing on two of the four traditional foundations: awareness of body and awareness of mind, thought, mood and mental state. This clear talk by Kamalashila is about the significance of mindfulness for the Buddhist path, from the perspective of the four foundations of mindfulness as taught by the Buddha in the Satipatthana sutta.